The research is in and it suggests that when people can put a name to a face, they tend to cooperate with each other much more and that can only be positive thing for businesses all across the country. We live in a very ‘me me me world’ where people only really think about the consequences for themselves and not for everyone else around them. This is not conducive to running a successful business and so this is why many businesses are looking to better ways to communicate so that people can always put a name to a face.

Many are looking into Enterprise Audio /Visual Conferencing as a way for their many staff members to interact with each other and rather than only dealing in emails, people can get to know other’s voices and other’s faces. It seems that providing better communication so that people can get to know each other in the workplace leads to much better cooperation within the workplace. The following are just some of the things that have been studied and answers that have been provided.

  • It boosts cooperation – When an individual is just dealing with a request from a letter or an email, then they tend to not go out of their way to assist the other person if they don’t have to. If one of the parties takes the time to utilise Enterprise audio and visual conferencing then the relationship is strengthened and because that person now can see and hear the other party, cooperation seems to be more forthcoming.
  • Leads to stronger relationships – Similarly when people from other departments actually heard and seen each other using information technology, the relationships tended to grow and if there were any issues with interdepartmental agencies, then a bigger effort would be made to mend the relationship and get things back to normal again.

It seems obvious then that if you take away the anonymity and you replace it with a means for people to hear and see each other, then it leads to much better communication outcomes. Your business cannot afford to ignore these findings and so start thinking about how you’re going to improve upon your communication methods today. Any services that you have to pay for will more than pay for themselves over the course of the next few years as your staff start talking to each other like they should and they start innovating and improving throughout their working days.