While at first DIY document shredding may sound cost effective, it is not the case in real. In fact, there are many hidden costs that you are leaving when it comes to DIY document shredding.

Today, businesses in Houston have started realizing the importance of hiring right mobile shredding services. The following reasons will make you realize why you too should choose the best document shredding Houston Company to handle this task for you.

Cost effective choice

Shredding trucks used by professional document shredding company not only shred the papers much faster, but also have much more capability than those in-house shredding machines can offer. If you will assign any employee for doing this task, it may cost you even more.

So, why to waste precious time of your qualified and talented employees by making them stand over shredding machine? Plus, shredding machines aren’t cheap at all and can even need repairs if it is used a lot.

Ease of use

Mobile shredding companies offer clients with safe locking containers. When sensitive or confidential materials or documents require to be disposed of, they can easily be dropped in locked console instead of having to shred them one by one. With those high volume capabilities of the shredding truck, you can easily toss large folders of the paper work and they can then be shredded beyond its recognition just in seconds!


You will be happy to know that the shredded paper by the shredding company is baled and it ends up in the paper mills. It is the recycled into newer paper products. What else can be better?

Protection from penalties for Non-compliance

Privacy laws are specially designed to protect the consumer data that is confidential or private. They must be kept in place so that your consumers don’t become victims of the identity theft. Do you think that DIY shredding allows you to do that? Well, you need to be familiar with the state, federal, as well as local privacy laws.

The mobile document shredding company knows this law and its importance. Thus, hiring them can help you too.

Many business’ secrets have already been lost to improper handling and management of important information. So, make sure to keep your competitive advantage by ensuring that your data is secured.

Once you realize the importance of mobile document shredding, it is time to hire the right one for you! Do it right away and stay ahead of competition!