When we think of marketing, few obvious things come to the mind – branding, advertising, SEO, online marketing, direct mail and more. How about human resources? Traditionally speaking, the role of the HR department was more about hiring and firing people. The managers would check for performance, decide on promotions and fill up the vacant positions. With changing dynamics of the job world and increasing competition, that has changed. Today, the focus is on HR marketing. What’s the fuss all about? In this post, we take a look at human resource marketing.

Relating to HR marketing

Marketing is often associated with selling things. In case of HR marketing, the focus is not on products and services, but on roles and opportunities. If you talk to Sept24 HR marketing specialist, they will tell you on how the process of applying marketing practices to human resources have helped businesses in doing better with their manpower. With HR marketing, you are not filling up positions, but finding people who are best for the roles. The process can be divided into many segments, and as much as it is about acquiring talent, it is also about retaining people.

What can you achieve with HR marketing?

It depends on your business goals, but human resource marketing opens up the avenues to do more with people within the organization. The start is about research and creating a talent acquisition plan, with balance between traditional and digital means. Also, the experts will work on internal programs, workshops, communication means and methods, so that retaining talent becomes an easy job. Many companies also establish protocols for clients, so that the HR department can work better and use marketing as a regular tool.

HR marketing for small businesses

Contrary to what many may believe, HR marketing is not meant for big brands alone. In fact, the bigger companies can afford to pay the big paychecks, but smaller companies need to promote themselves as an employer brand, so as to attract an engage talent. The good thing is you don’t need to have a team for HR marketing. The process can be easily outsourced, and your company will have control on the processes that are involved in recruitment and retention.

Just hire a company that can be relied for the job, and you can expect to get more from the overall talent acquisition process. Check online for more details on HR marketing.