Proper care must be taken when it comes to handling heavy machinery. Heavy machinery is expensive and if not properly maintained can wear out in a short time.

Servicing the Vehicle

Heavy machineries go through a lot. They are required to haul heavy and bulky materials. They need to withstand the harsh climatic conditions. Taking into consideration all these factors, it is given that these machineries are to breakdown.

If the damage is minor and if you are handy with tools, you can fix the issues yourself. If not, then you might need to call in the experts. If you work in the timber industry, then your vehicle needs to be in proper working condition.

Quebec is popular for its forestry and logging. Clients or customers cannot be given an excuse of machinery breakdown when it comes to project completions. Old machineries need to be replaced promptly.  If you work in Quebec, and are looking for a new carrying loader, then the French word for this is “chargeuse à bois”.

Many a times we tend to ignore warning signs given by machines. Ignoring a small fault in the machine can lead to extensive damage in the future. It is always better to nip the bud from the root. New machinery comes with instruction manual and troubleshooting tips. You might need to go through it in detail.

Check Points to Prolong Life of Machines

Below are some pointers that can help you maintain your machine in the long run:

  • Maintaining a daily record of the machinery operations
  • Replacing worn out or old components as and when required
  • Ensure that you lubricate the machines frequently
  • Clean the radiators on a periodic basis
  • Ensure that the engine coolant is functioning properly
  • Ensure that you service the vehicle regularly
  • Make use of good filters that can trap debris and dust

Many people are of the belief that getting the machinery serviced in a center means that their machine is in good hands. Yes, people servicing the machine are professionals, but mistakes can happen. Here is where you might sometimes need to monitor the progress of your machine.

You can always build a good rapport with the mechanics and ask questions on how to prolong the life of your machinery. They might even give you some quick fixes that can save you on big bucks.


Proper maintenance of heavy machinery can also reduce the chance of accidents in the work site. Regular inspection of the machine can also help predict component failures and help in taking necessary precautions.