When teaching software courses, I frequently repeat the ‘How’ is simple. The factor that may be harder to understand particularly if you are totally self-trained may be the ‘Why.’ This may explain why a lot of us stick to what we should know instead of learning additional skills, especially as already pretty skilled at the programs we’re using. ‘We have no idea what we should don’t know’ is definitely an expression I only say frequently to course delegates. If you do not have some understanding exists, how’s it going likely to combine it with your box of tools? In the following paragraphs I will expose you to the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ of Pivot tables.

Exactly what does it mean to pivot? Most definitions include words like swivel and spin which work nicely when considering pivoting data. A pivot table enables you to definitely swivel or arrange your computer data to create better feeling of it.

Let us begin by considering a few of the challenges you might encounter when attempting to make feeling of large chunks of raw data. Imagine you’ve been given all of the sales figures for each individual inside a company. This data most likely includes the things they offered, just how much they offered, once they offered it where the client is situated. The fields of information will also be prone to contain duplicate values. For instance, Mary Brown might be listed multiple occasions as she’s made multiple sales

Basically requested you to definitely list a few of the challenges you’d face when designing reports out of this data you may include:

• The information must be organized and tabulated, including copying and pasting in addition to writing formulas

• Whenever you come to another report you need to start the procedure once again

• Exactly the same reports have to be produced each week with updated data

• When you are governing the data by hand, you can easily miss something or make other mistakes

• When the information is altered you have to update all of your reports

• The reports don’t show which figures composed the entire values, which means you will also be getting to supply breakdown reports

The suggestions above challenges are labor intensive and for that reason time-consuming. The easiest and quickest method to ease your discomfort is to produce a pivot table. Typically there’s been lots of mystique surrounding pivot tables and lots of people think they’re complicated to produce. Nothing might be further away from the reality. Why would you rely on them?

Pivot tables:

• Are simple to create

• Are extremely flexible

• Could be setup for various reports after which refreshed when new information is added

• Are simple to change

• Summarize data so it’s not necessary to find all Mary Brown’s sales figures and tabulate them yourself

• Supply you with a introduction to summarized figured

Pivot tables may be exactly why Excel thrived like a program and Lotus 1 2 3 virtually disappeared. Microsoft offered Pivot Tables that have been so helpful that lots of Lotus users made a decision to become familiar with a brand-new program to be able to use them. If you’re dealing with raw data and never utilizing Pivot Tables, it’s time to become familiar with a new skill.

Reen Rose is definitely an experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft ‘office’ Specialist Master.

She’s been referred to as ‘focused, fun and incredibly effective’. Reen believes in guiding individuals to become empowered Microsoft ‘office’ users by providing them the abilities they should be effective, within an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere.

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