One of the most convenient ways to get rid of excess scrap metal is to contact a local recycling facility. They will gladly take any scrap metal off of your hands, and they will even pay you for the metals that you provide. Most importantly, they will make sure that all of the metal gets recycled in an efficient and responsible way.

Free Collection of Scrap Metal

You will typically have the freedom to drop off any scrap metal you have, but for the ultimate convenience, you can request a collection service, which is typically free of charge.

Understandably, not everybody has the ability to transport piles of scrap metal, so whether you are a commercial entity, an individual, or a member of the trade, Clapham metal collection companies will happily collect your scrap metal for free.

What Can You Sell?

Different companies will accept different metals, so if you have a variety of metals, you will want to choose the company that accepts the most. Commonly, companies accept copper, aluminium, bronze, and steel, but you can also sell zinc, brass, and lead.

From Scrap Metal to Used Cars

Scrap metal collection companies take a variety of metals, but these are also the same people who collect used or immobile vehicles. If you have a used vehicle sitting on your property, you can make some money and get rid of it at the same time.

Your collection service providers collect and recycle used cars, often salvaging functional parts in the process.