LH-Crypto – the crypto project of the Larson&Holz broker, was the result of a successful ICO. At the end of 2017, the world giant decided to open a new online platform for traders who specialize in crypts.

Broker LH-Crypto is fundamentally different from all crypto exchanges in that behind him the accumulated experience of Larson&Holz, millions of customer accounts from many world countries. Therefore, the broker gives real guarantees of reliability.

Until 2017, Larson&Holz specialized only in currency trading using Forex and CFD, which enabled clients to trade stocks, futures, metals, raw materials and resources. But the excitement on virtual currency made even this world giant, who decided to approach the issue seriously, pay attention to it. When switching to virtual currency, the broker moved all the tools of the parent company, which is ahead of the stock exchange. It is worth noting the most striking differences:

  • It is possible to predict both a rise and fall in the rate of the crypt and make money on it;
  • high leverage;
  • extensive tools available for analysis and trading.

How to earn a trader on the collapse of the course of the crypt? The exchanges do not have such a function, the trader can only put on growth. If the forecast comes true, you should quickly sell the crypt, and the difference rate, in fact, is the profit. A broker using CFDs provides traders with a profit even if a crypt collapses, if the trader has made such a forecast.

Leverage is some kind of loan funds that a broker provides without any collateral absolutely free. Therefore, even having 10 euros on the account, a trader can perform thousandth operations and fully rely on LH-Crypto. Broker’s leverage of 1: 100 makes a crypt more profitable to trade, even in comparison with fiat currency.

Broker’s professional skills meet the requirements of the most sophisticated traders. The most popular and technological platform MT5 (MetaTrader5) is used for trading. It provides great opportunities for trading, opens up opportunities for technical analysis in the form of various indicators and graphical tools, you can copy transactions of more experienced and trained traders. Exclusively for the platform various algorithms, bot advisors, automated systems were written.

Open an account is possible in the most popular crypts or Fiat. For those who do not have the ability to replenish a crypto account with a virtual currency, there is a function of replenishment in euros. The money is credited without removing the commission, as it is fully compensated by the broker. To trade, you need to deposit only 10 euros for a deposit, if you are an experienced player, you can open an account starting with 1,000 euros or 25,000 euros. At the moment, the broker supports trading in the 8 most popular currencies. Money is withdrawn automatically to the best payment systems.

You can form crypto currency pairs, by the way, there are more than 50 of them. There are also at least 50 ordinary currency pairs. It is possible to conduct trade operations with currency, metals, raw materials and resources in a crypt. Create synthetic pairs of crypts and raw materials. The toolkit is very extensive, constantly updated and includes all the main aspects of traditional stock trading.

Traders also receive training from LH-Crypto, their own social network, technical support, a fast online service, an application for phones and tablets, an affiliate program, daily and annual draws and the opportunity to stay incognito.

Payment for all this extensive functionality service takes the minimum. Broker’s commission is 0.14% for lots of “about” accounts, 0.2% for “start” accounts.

We can safely say that LH-Crypto is the best crypto broker. The project was initially supported by thousands of investors who have long been convinced of the high reputation of Larson&Holz. You can independently verify the benefits of a broker by registering with the service and opening one of 4 accounts. If you are an absolute beginner and have never encountered virtual currency and exchange trading, the company will give you the opportunity to open a demo account. It is already waiting for you 50,000 euros for making various transactions. Thus, you will learn and know the basics of crypto trading. And to improve your skills, you can watch the video lessons from LH-Crypto in Youtube.