When you rely on a professional cleaning crew for cleaning your commercial premise, you place your complete trust in them. Especially if it is a job right before an important meeting with a client or investor. The quality of their work in such a case doesn’t solely define the work relation they will form with you, but will greatly affect your impression at the meeting. Also, if they don’t clean properly or use harmful chemical agents for the job, it could cause allergic reactions or diseases among your employees which would sabotage your productivity. It’s a good idea to work with the crew on a normal day first before experimenting with a new service right before an important day and thereby look for the following qualities in your professional cleaners. If however you are in an emergency situation and live in Melbourne, you should try Sparkle Office as they are the best commercial cleaners Melbourne will offer you.

Quality of work

This point shouldn’t be surprising at all as for getting any professional services, the first thing to look for is the quality of work. What really matters here is how well they clean your office, whether they leave everything spotless and check every single nook and corner in your office premise. Also if they left your office disinfected or not because a part of their job is to make sure your office if germ free.

Time management

Business run on the currency of time. Every second matters and saving time is one of the main reasons to hire the professionals in the first place. The cleaning crew should understand the value of your time and finish the job in the fastest time possible, so feel free to time them. Also they shouldn’t affect your desired arrangement of things so that you don’t have to waste time in putting things back to how you want them after cleaning.


A very important factor to make your decision would be the trust they can establish with you as trust plays a major role in any relationship.

You should consider their flexibility and see if they deliver what they preach so that if you’re in need, you can be stress free and count on them to clean everything up.

If your cleaning crew possesses all the above qualities, you can be positive that they are the one for you. Though, if you’re in Melbourne, you can be stress free and rely on Sparkle Office for their expertise in commercial cleaning Melbourne.