Customer identity management is referred to as CIM.  It is gradually becoming the modern business core and it allows organizations to develop single view of a customer, regardless of the number of systems present. This is because the single view is important as it comes to knowing the customer behavior, average size of purchase, buying history and many such variables that help in expanding the digital business. in fact, the social login, user registration and user profile management are some of the building blocks offering seamless user experience that is unified, secure and helps business growth across multiple channels.

Key aspects

  • Scalability and scale- The customer identity management systems are scalable. These are the systems used to support users over 1 billion with regards to registration, system access control and authentication.
  • Identity aggregation– This system has the ability of linking the data of the consumers from different databases featuring different contexts and also the affiliates of third party in such a way that it enables creating individual’s consumer profiles that are identifiable uniquely in real time. Such profiles are used to develop informed interactions with customers.
  • Performance- The customer identity management system not only stores the data, but is also capable of exchanging information and data with related services. The visitors of the site and their mobile apps need authentication quickly and with instant preference the informed interactions are made that the consumers get that they wish to repeat as experience.

  • Mobile access– The mobile platforms support and online banking is essential. Regardless of the apps and platforms that the consumers engage with web services, websites, mobiles, tablets or affiliate services, they should do the right thing from initiation. These systems support interactions in large number from registered consumers. The directories also easily capture the data about customers such as their locations, names, products, email addresses and privacy preferences.