There is nothing sadder than walking into a swanky hotel room only to find cheap, worn linen waiting for you. No one wants to stay in a hotel with sandpaper sheets and rough towels. If you’re a hotel company looking to make a great first impression with guests, it might be time to upgrade your linens.

If you’re looking for hotel linen supplies, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option, because it’s inexpensive to replace and who cares about the wear and tear. But, if you wouldn’t want to hunker down for a few nights in scratchy linens, why would you let your guests? If there was an affordable option that still had excellent quality, wouldn’t that be the obvious choice?

Quality versus Quantity

Okay, it is tempting to go cheap. You can get a lot more for your pound, and have enough sheets and towels for days, but you might not get a lot of happy customers. Remember, people don’t just choose hotels out of need, they choose them for the level of service and luxury they expect to receive, and shoddy linens don’t add up to a magical stay.

Going through a professional linen company that prides itself on high-quality materials is the obvious choice. Not only will your linens be high quality, but they will be guaranteed to last. If you’re not happy with your linens or your service, you have a place to go with designated customer service representatives who will make sure that you get what you’re paying for and that any issues are solved.

Linens for Your Whole Operation

Professional linen services not only provide bed linens and towels, they also provide linens for your hotel kitchen and restaurant. Here are just some of the items that you can buy:

  • Kitchen
    • Chef’s Jackets and Aprons
    • Waiter’s Apparel
    • Kitchen Cloths
  • Restaurant
    • Serviettes
    • Full-table linens (tablecloths, napkins, runners, and much more, in a wide array of colours and patterns)

Other Services

Aside from delivering your linens, some services provide in house laundering services, so you don’t need to worry about investing in expensive commercial washers and dryers for your premises. There’s no need to worry about stains that won’t come out or what’s pressed correctly, because everything is being handled by professionals. These services are a lifesaver when it comes to expenses, and most laundering services are eco-friendly, keeping your sheets soft and helping the environment as well.

Find yourself quality linen that gives your customers a brilliant experience and comes to you at a great cost. Full hotel linen suppliers will give you peace of mind knowing that your linens are made of quality material, they will be perfectly laundered, and they will be delivered to you. Work with professionals that know the industry, and the consumer, and allow them to help you determine what the best products and services are for your hotel. You won’t be sorry, especially when those new five-star reviews come pouring in after a few great nights between your high quality linen sheets.