Have you ever wondered how they make soap or what it entails? It may seem like a random thing to be asking yourself, but, most people use soap on a daily basis without a second thought to how it is produced and what exactly goes into the entire process. The people and the factories that produce soap work tirelessly to make sure the soap that you use is always available for you whenever you need it;

Types of soap

First of all, did you know that there are different forms of soap? Generally speaking, you can look at soaps as non-toilet soaps and toilet soaps, non-toilet soaps aren’t really used domestically unless for a specific purpose. They are most likely to be used in things like lubricating greases and thickeners, things like grease are made of non-toilet soaps and mineral oils.

Toilet soaps on the other hand, are purely for domestic use, they can be used for household and, or personal hygiene reasons, these soaps work by breaking down the dirt or grime so that it is removed from skin or clothes. These kinds of soap produce (known as สบู่ผลิต in Thai) will have been what you smell or see when you walk around the shops and will entice you depending upon how they look and, how they smell.

Research and development

Making soap is quite a process indeed, to start with there has to be some in depth research and development done, the soap needs to offer something that attracts people whether that be the colour, the smell, or what it does. For example, some soaps have special qualities that help with particular skin conditions, whereas others might help to change the physical appearance of your skin. Perfecting the ingredients and making sure that they are safe for people to use takes some time.

The production line

Most factories will have a variety of machines that they use for different purposes, for example, if the factory is making ‘bars’ of solid soap and a liquid form of soap like shower gel or shower cream then they will need different production lines and machines for each specific type of product. When it comes to quality control time there are going to be problems if your soap is mixed in with another kind of soap, as will there be if it ever hits the shop shelves. Whilst all of that is going on, unless the factory uses an external company then they will also have to be making the packaging and arranging the logistics before it reaches the shop and you can buy your ideal soap.