A live answering service is not part of your company. Rather, it is an outsourced service that takes calls from meant for your business. This means that somebody is available to answer the phone on your behalf at any time of the day and night and every day of the week.

A live answering service can help your customers get their minor questions answered by themselves. For complex problems, the answering service can transfer calls over to you or somebody else on your team. When these calls happen beyond office hours, the service can take a detailed message and assure the caller to get a timely return call to get the solution they need. With this setting, you don’t have to ask the customer to explain their issue when you call. Because you already know, you just get straight to the issue. This service does a lot more than just answering phone calls.

They Ensure Better Customer Service for your Company

Customers want to talk to a human being on the phone instead of a machine. This makes hiring a live answering service sensible, in terms of getting you a higher satisfaction from your customers. With their service, somebody is there round-the-clock to talk to your customers. Visit https://www.officehq.com.au/ to know more.

Manage your Appointments

A live answering service will take the call of a customer who may want to book an appointment. Once the appointment is booked, the service will forward the date and time to you. In case somebody cancels or changes their appointment, the service will also notify you. With this, you can easily manage your appointments and stay on top of them.

Offer Better Language Options

A lot of answering services provide multilingual options. The majority of companies cannot give this option by themselves, making it difficult to cater to customers who speak a different language. An answering service takes care of your individual customer, regardless of the language they speak.

Eliminate the Need for a Voicemail Answering Service

While you may think you can benefit from a voicemail answering service, it can actually hurt your business. Most people do not want to talk to a machine and sending them to a voicemail can make you lose business and provide your competitors with an edge. With the extra business a live answering service can bring your business, it does not make sense to use a voicemail answering service now.