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Hello and welcome to Ms Small Businesses - a website for those small business owners are at a point in their business where they are saying where to now? This needs to change but where do I start? Who can help me? Trust me - I have been there and I know what you are thinking :)

First, let me introduce myself ... I am Tammy Love -- a self confessed small business-oholic! I am passionate about Web 2.0, online marketing and boutique wineries. I would also be a lover of coffee if my stomach was! Living in a very beautiful part of the world - Brisbane in sunny Queensland and happily married with 2 boys.

After being in business for over 12 years I have decided that small business is my passion and I am on a mission to help other small business owners to grow their small business and take them and the business to the next level.

Here I will share my secrets that I have learned over the years. Secrets that can only be taught by getting in there and having a go - and sometimes making mistakes.

One thing that is certain, small business is a fickle thing and only meant for the strong willed and passionate people ... if you don't like change, disruptions and challenges then don't continue in your business - sell your business and move on. These things happen on a daily basis and no matter what you do something new will pop up to "challenge" you -- doesn't matter how prepared you are.

I look forward to providing you with some hints and tips, success stories, trials and tribulations, opportunities and ideas as well as great finance, advertising, marketing information and resources for growing your small business.

Ms Small Businesses Blog
Ms Small Businesses Blog mission is to keep smallbiz owners with the information they need to take their smallbiz to the next level. Ideas, marketing, courses, coaching and mentoring.
Ms Small Businesses News
Ms Small Businesses News - a fortnightly newsletter that keeps you up to date with small business news.
Small Business Ideas
Need Small Business Ideas? Find resources, hints and tips for small business ideas here.
Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing can be one of the most effective or ineffective areas of your small business. If you want some ideas on how to market your small business effectively look here.
Small Business Course
Small Business Course for growing your business to the next level.
Ms Small Business Help - Contact Us for help with your small business.
Ms Small Business Help -- need help starting a small business or growing your current biz? Ms Small Biz can help you ... find out more about how we can help you.
Small Business Books
10 Small Business Books -- my top 10 small business books. Want to start a small business then don't do anything until you read these books.
Small Business Resources
Small Business Resources - all the resources, help and advise you need for starting, operating and growing your small business.

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